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Parent/Caregiver/Family Involvement Plan
Posted 6/26/18



Vallejo Charter School

Parent/Caregiver/Family Involvement Plan

2017 - 2018




The interest and energy of parents/caregivers that helped create the Vallejo Charter School (VCS) will help it thrive. Research shows that family involvement is a crucial factor in successful learning. VCS is a cooperative enterprise: our families, teachers, principal, and staff share the responsibilities and the rewards of operating our school.

Parents play essential roles in and out of the classrooms. Our families experience firsthand the school environment, become advocates for their children, and enrich the school community with their ideas, interests, talents, and resources. Family involvement is a key foundation of VCS as families are essential partners in the education of our students.

The VCS Parent/Caregiver/Family Involvement Plan has two separate components described in detail on the following pages. The first component, Student-Focused Requirements, lists the essential requirements for supporting your child at home and at school. The second component, the VCS Volunteer Policy, provides important details regarding volunteer opportunities for our VCS families.

VCS is committed to setting up and supporting plentiful, diverse, and broadly defined opportunities for parents/caregivers to participate in the education of their children. We thank you for being a part of our community and we look forward to the success of all of our students.


Student-Focused Requirements


Student-focused requirements are absolutely essential from every VCS family to ensure that students get the support that teachers and families believe is vital for success.

Expected Home Support:

  • All families are expected to have an e-mail address on record in the office in order to access and use the VCUSD App and Parent Portal.
  • Check e-mail and backpacks daily for communication from school; read Thursday’s communication promptly every week and complete permission forms by the date requested.
  • Create a literate environment at home by reading to your child each night or ensuring that he or she reads each night.
  • Oversee homework, assist with homework or be aware of homework and its completion.
  • Ensure that your child is prepared for school with a good night’s sleep, eats a healthy breakfast (either at school or home), and has the necessary clothing, supplies, etc.
  • Ensure that your child attends school regularly.
  • Support the school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) Plan.
  • Send only healthy snacks/lunches to school.

School Support:

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences and student-led conferences, including goal-setting conferences when indicated by your child’s teacher.
  • Attend Family Night Orientations, Back-to-School Night, Learning/Arts Celebrations, and Parent PD’s.
  • Participate in and attend Charter Council Meetings, English Language Advisory Council, African American Advisory Council, Parent Teacher Organization meetings, and monthly Coffee Mornings with the Principal.
  • Plan for your child to participate in all field work activities.


VCS Volunteer Policy


VCS encourages all families to partner with VCS by supporting the school environment with their presence. While volunteering is an important and valued component of our program, volunteering is optional and no student will be denied enrollment or the opportunity to participate in educational activities based on a lack of volunteer involvement. 

The VCS Volunteer Policy includes the following:


  • We encourage all VCS families to volunteer 20 hours or more per school year. Any person over the age of 18 in the student’s family is welcome to perform volunteer hours at VCS.
  • Families with more than one child attending VCS may volunteer an additional 10 hours for the second child, and an additional 5 hours for each additional child.
  • At the beginning of each school year, a list of family involvement opportunities will be provided to each VCS family. The opportunities will include a variety of activities, some of which can be done at home or at VCS during the evenings and weekends. Refer to Appendix A in this policy for a list of ongoing opportunities.



Suggested Volunteer Hours for Families with Siblings


Family Makeup

Suggested # of Volunteer Hours Per Year

Total # of Hours Per School Year

Families with two students attending VCS

 1st student:            20 hours

 2nd student:            10 hours

  30 hours

Families with three students attending VCS

 1st student:            20 hours

 2nd student            10 hours

 3rd student:             5 hours

  35 hours

Families with four students attending VCS

 1st student:            20 hours

 2nd student:           10 hours

 3rd student:            5 hours

 4th student:              5 hours

  40 hours



















Appendix A –

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities

VCS offers a broad range of opportunities for families to volunteer during the school day and on evenings/weekends. This allows family members to support the school in ways that are convenient and that capitalize on each person's special talents and pursuits.

Listed below are many suggestions for volunteer opportunities. These lists are not exhaustive and VCS welcomes community suggestions for additions to the lists. In addition, families should check with their child’s teacher for ideas.

Options for family involvement in student or classroom-specific activities:

  • Be a Room Parent  - includes organizing snack and coordinating class tasks
  • Help in the classroom
  • Plan fieldwork, help with expedition research for fieldwork
  • Complete book orders
  • Fill Thursday Folder weekly
  • Assist with classroom maintenance
  • Assist with classroom preparation during the summer
  • Assist with classroom clean up as needed
  • Assist the teacher with research or computer work

Options for family involvement in school community:

  • Attend meetings (PTO, Charter Council, ELAC, and AAAC)
  • Be a Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) committee chair or active committee member
  • Serve as a VCS Charter Council member
  • Serve on a sub-committee of the Charter Council
  • Provide child care for meetings
  • Help in the VCS library
  • Help with Celebration of Learning/Arts or other events
  • Plan extracurricular social events
  • Lead after-school clubs
  • Help in the lunchroom
  • Assist with recess

Options for family involvement off site:

  • Plan fieldwork, help with expedition research for fieldwork
  • Go on fieldwork
  • Drive for fieldwork (see driving requirements in Appendix B)
  • Provide snacks for staff meetings
  • Correct papers for teacher at home
  • Assist the teacher with research or computer work
  • Provide donations (Maximum 5 hours for time spent, not donation value)
  • Make phone calls from home for VCS staff or crews
  • Research grants and fundraising opportunities


Appendix B –

Driving Requirements Check List

This process could take 90 days to complete – please start early.


Much of our field work depends on parent volunteer drivers. It is essential that we process drivers early in the school year. If you have the inclination to drive your child and/or other children on field work, you must complete the following (paperwork available in VCS office):


  • Complete Volunteer Process with Human Resources at the District Office.
    • Proof of current TB Screening
    • LiveScan fingerprinting security clearance (cost is approximately $36 and takes 3-5 weeks and is good for 4 years)
  • Complete “Use of Private Vehicle” request form (good for 1 year)
    • Copy of driver’s license
    • Copy of “insurance declaration” provided by the automobile insurance company (this must show limits of liability)
    • Complete DMV – Release of Driver Record
    • Sign off on receipt of “Use of Private Vehicle” memo
  • Turn in all documents and copies to the office manager at least 3 weeks in advance of the event for which you will be driving.
  • Receive approval from Risk Management Team
  • For each child riding in your car, you must have a completed permission slip that indicates he or she has permission to ride in a private vehicle.



















2016-2017 School Year




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